5 Awesome Baby Shower Gifts for 2021

Being pregnant is kind of a mixed blessing. While it’s very magical to incubate life and everyone looks forward to the emergence of the new baby, it’s also not all that great towards the end. Ankles swell, favourite shirts no longer fit, and finding a comfortable position on the couch is a bit of a joke.

As such, a baby shower is as much an opportunity to spoil the mom-to-be as it is a celebration of the imminent arrival of a fresh new human. If you’ve recently cracked an invite to such an event, we recommend that you take some time to consider your gift options so you can choose something that will put a smile on the face of your expectant friend or family member. They deserve it!

Here are five awesome baby shower gifts that show some serious insight into the needs of very pregnant women:

A gorgeous baby bag

Every mom needs a baby bag to lug around their little’s necessities, but not all of these bags are equally stylish. Give your friend the option of looking like a million bucks when she steps out by treating her to a lovely leather diaper bag.

A newborn cloth diaper rental stash

Modern cloth diapers are going mainstream, and with good reason – it’s affordable, good for the planet and great for little bums (no chemicals next to that soft skin!). If the mom-to-be has expressed interest in going with cloth, but feels a little overwhelmed, it’s a nice idea to get them a newborn cloth diaper rental stash (or to contribute to one).

A rental stash contains a variety of cloth diapers from different brands, so they can try it out and see what works best for both mom and baby. This way they can hand back the stash at the end of the newborn period and invest in the type of cloth diapers that suits their needs.

Lovely bath products for mom

Normally bubs would be the one getting all the lovely creams and lotions, so how about treating mom to some delicious bath products to sooth her hard-working body instead?

Frozen homemade meals

Stock their freezer with home-made family meals that they can heat and eat in that newborn phase when everything is all topsy-turvy.

A night off with the hubs

If your friend has kids already, offer to babysit off-site so they can have a night off with their husband without any littles underfoot. Odds are they just want to camp out on the couch and watch a movie with a rating over PG13 for a change. They will love you for it!

There you have it – five baby shower gifts that will definitely get you in the good books of any mom-to-be this year. Check back soon for more lifestyle inspiration. In the meantime, remember to keep an eye on our Facebook page and Instagram profile for style recommendations, info on special offers and more.

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