5 Diaper-bag Must-Haves for Eco-Conscious Moms

If you prefer to tread lightly on the earth, becoming a mom can be somewhat of a quandary. On the one hand, you are adding yet another human to the rather crowded planet, but on the other hand you have the opportunity to raise a person who has respect for the environment and can help to create a brighter future for all of us.

Being an eco-conscious mom all comes down to being prepared. Here are a few tips to help you when you are out and about:

A long-lasting baby bag

First things first, you’re going to need a bag that can take a punch without ripping or tearing. While leather may not strictly be a ‘green’ material, it does last a really long time, and if you take care of a leather diaper bag properly, you’ll even be able to pass it on as a baby-rearing heirloom to your own kids one day. This is a much better choice than a bag made from synthetic materials that won’t last nearly as long.

A facecloth and spray bottle

Let’s talk wet wipes. Okay, so they are very handy, no-one is going to dispute that. However, they also happen to be a major pollution problem because there are many people out there who keep flushing non-biodegradable wipes down the loo. Instead, stock up on a few cheap facecloths, and pop it in your bag with a spray bottle with water in it. Does the job just as well – if not better.

A wet bag

A wet bag is a great thing to have in a baby bag. You can use it store your wet facecloths (see previous point), used cloth diapers, and clothing that was spilled on. Even if you use disposable diapers, you can still use a wet bag to cart around the used diapers until you can discard it at home. This way you don’t have to bring an extra plastic baggie into the mix just to be polite.

Your cloth face mask

Signs of the times – don’t forget to pack your cloth face mask when you head out with your littles. Plastic PPE has a time and place (mainly in hospitals), but you can save so many masks from going to landfill if you invest in a few cloth masks that you can wash and reuse. Plus, there are so many cute prints to choose from these days!

Snacks and water

A really good way to cut down on single-use plastics is to pack snacks and a water bottle when you head out. This way you won’t be temped to grab a packet of this or a bottle of that because you are starving. Nuts, dried fruit, trail mix, biltong and droëwors work really well. There are even really great silicone squeeze spoons on the market that you can use to bring along baby’s lunch these days.

here you have it – five diaper-bag must-haves for eco-conscious moms on the go. Check back soon for more lifestyle inspiration. In the meantime, remember to keep an eye on our Facebook page and Instagram profile for style recommendations, info on special offers and more.

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