Best Mally Companions for Summer

The season of ‘sunshine and fun’ is here and we are looking forward to some warmer days and lighter evenings. Summer is a magical time that conjures up feelings of self-delight indulges, freedom and trying something new. At Mally, we have affectionately embraced this cheery season with an array of quality selected bags just right to accompany you through these coming weeks in high spirits. Here are a few of our recommended buddy bags to consider:

Rocking the affable Poppy Sling Bag, it’s a stylish, light and soft to the touch handcrafted bag, perfect for everyday use. This handy little jewel can be adjusted to be worn over one shoulder or securely over cross-body and out of the way. This lightweight bag is ideal for carrying your essentials plus a few extras especially during travels or trips out. A bag that gives you quick and easy in and out access to your items. It’s a minimalistic type bag but oh, such a convenient useful cool companion.

Strutting the groovy Suzie Bag sashays your taste for elegance and chicness. The beauty of its iconic shape with rounded edges makes it able to stand alone. The two separate inners with zip closures and zipped inner and outer pockets provide ample compact space without looking bulky for those busier days around town. It is modern in style, light and attractive. The charm of this bag is its versatility to be adaptable for both casual and formal summer occasions as the straps and tassel are removable. It’s a smasher of a choice for this season.

Flaunting the nifty Scarlett Bag liberates your independence to stand out from the norm of the crowd. The trendy handwoven leather side gives it a classic touch along with its adjustable shoulder strap and zipper closure and inner pocket making it perfect for any outing day or night. Its sleekness of having only one main compartment and circular handcrafted design will notch up your glam and make for an unforgettable flamboyance in easy summertime.

The classic luxury of the Babaloo Baby Bag has the look of a handbag but is the perfect choice to double up as your everyday baby bag. It’s lightweight with metal feet underneath for protection and to steady it on most grounding’s while you access items from the bag. These features make it very practical and functional during those quick dashes between your summer comings and goings. The enduring design of the bag is so comfortable and convenient and makes any travelling over the summer weeks stress-free and effortless.

The ritzy lavishness of the Bambino Baby Bag is abundant in comfort. To change from backpack to shoulder is effortless and the energetic appeal of the soft-feel fashionable design makes it hip and cool as a trending baby bag. This stylish spacious bag will keep you organized while on the go during the warmer months with enough pockets and sections for all your babies’ essentials. There is no need to skimp on comfort and style while having the much-needed hands-free access to handle your little one, a perfect companion this summer.

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