How to Choose the Perfect Baby Bag for You

Shopping around for the perfect baby bag, and not quite sure how to narrow down your options? We get it! At Mally Leather Bags we understand all too well that when you invest in a baby bag, you really want that investment to be worth your while.

The one thing we always tell our clients is that the most important thing to remember is that it has to work for you. Much like your family’s sleeping arrangements, disciplinary style and stance on screen time, what works for one person is not necessarily going to be the right solution for another.

With that in mind, we thought we’d give you the low down on our leather baby bags and how you can go about choosing your favourite:


The Bambino Backpack has a wipeable, water-resistant lining, 5 inside bottle holders and convenient spaces to stow your cell phone, money, car keys and baby dummy and so much more. It has double carry handles and an adjustable back strap for extra carrying ease. The look is very current and suits on-the-go moms with a laid-back, yet fashionable vibe.


The Bebe Backpack converts from backpack to comfortable padded sling bag easily and also features a convenient grab handle and wipeable lining. It has four inside bottle holders, space for keys, money, cell phone, etc. The shape is clean and spare, which makes it a top choice for moms with a very streamlined, less-is-more aesthetic.


The Beula Bag has a very on-trend shape, which can be adjusted for arm or shoulder wearing depending on the occasion (or amount of arms you have available). Like the backpacks, it comes fitted with various handy compartments, and has a waterproof lining. It also has metal feet underneath for protection when it is placed on the ground.


The Classic Baby Bag, as it’s name suggests, is a true-blue classic. This shape is going to remain pleasing to the eye for many years to come – in fact, it’s likely to become a treasured family heirloom. With the same nifty compartments and lining as the rest of the bags, it’s just as easy and versatile to use.


The Luxury Baby Bag ticks all the same must-have functionality boxes as the rest our family-friendly luggage portfolio, but also comes with a wipeable changing mat with leather trimming to match the bag. It has a removeable and adjustable shoulder strap, and also features a specific compartment for a tablet of any size.

There you have it – a few pointers that should help you to choose the baby bag that works best for you. Check in on the blog in coming weeks and months for more expert insight into all things lifestyle- and travel related. In the meantime, remember to keep an eye on our Facebook page and Instagram profile for style inspiration, info on special offers and more.

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