How to draw up a minimalist baby registry if you don't want a lot of baby stuff

Are you about to have a baby? Congratulations! Get ready for the ride of a lifetime. Babies change everything, but in a good way. Tiny humans have a way of putting a whole lot of stuff into perspective, especially about who you are as a person and how you conduct yourself in the world.

People are also going to be queuing up to give you stuff. No, seriously. Belly pats, unsolicited advice, baby stuff they could not do without when they had their offspring – you name it, you will be on the receiving end of reams and reams of things. If this makes you feel a little anxious (where will I put it all?!), you are not alone.

Fortunately, there are clever ways to keep things on a more even keel. Here are a few top tips:  

Divvy up the big stuff

Everyone has a few pricier things they really need, or want, for their baby journey. This could be something along the lines of a breast pump, a running pram, or a sensory rug for your baby. When it comes to versatile infant-care essentials of this nature, it helps to direct the request to one person or family unit in particular.

That way they know exactly what to get you, and you can tick it off your list. Once they’ve purchased a big-ticket item, over-excited grandparents are also less likely to get spendy when they hit the shops and you will sidestep a variety of needless thingamabobs.

Make a list of smaller needs & wants accessible

One of the big advantages of living in the era of Google docs and WhatsApp is that you can share a list of baby needs and wants without actually having to register at one store in particular. Keep it short and to the point, and throw in some URLs to online stores where your ideal brands can be purchased if you are feeling fancy.

You could also consider telling friends and family when you hit capacity in terms of gifts, and encourage them to donate to a baby sanctuary or safe haven for pregnant women on your behalf instead.

Embrace the gift voucher

If you already have a bunch of littles and all the baby gear you could ever need, let it be known that gift vouchers are the way to go. In fact, one big voucher from an online retailer or your go-to supermarket can be a lifesaver if you don’t really have space to stash months’ worth of diapers and wipes.

There you have it – a few ways in which you can keep the accumulation of baby stuff at bay as you prepare to welcome your freshly baked human into the world. Check back soon for more minimalist lifestyle advice from the Schapen team.

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