Nifty Ideas to Keep your Handbag Organised

If there is one thing that can drive a busy woman around the bend, it’s the process of trying to find something super crucial in a disorganised handbag. If you’ve ever tried to find your housekeys in a jumbled bag with a baby on your hip, or fished around desperately in the deep, dark depths of a backpack to silence a ringing phone in a lecture or business meeting, you’ll know what we mean.

The good news is that there are some pretty simple ways to keep your Mally Leather Bag organised. Here are a few ideas that will get you started on the road to having handbag so beautifully organised that it would even get the thumbs up from Emsie Schoeman (and Tannie Evita!):

Keep your cords under control

These days most of us carry around at least one set of earphones and a mobile charger or two. Keep those cords organised by investing in a cute little contraption called a ‘cord taco’ – essentially a small, round piece of leather with a button snap that you can close around your cords to keep it from tangling. Alternatively, you can also use the little plastic tie from a bread bag!

Go all out with a handbag organiser

Yes, yes, we know, it’s a bag within a bag (many men would roll their eyes!), but handbag organisers will save your life if you are chronically disorganised. It fits inside your regular bag, but has all sorts of nifty zippers and compartments to stow away smaller items, and special spaces for important things like sunglasses (and those keys!).

Toss it all out once a week

This is actually something we should all be doing. Once a week, say on a Sunday afternoon, sit down with a cup of tea, toss out everything in your bag, throw out what needs to be thrown out, restock what needs to be restocked, file what needs to be filed, and start the week with an organised bag. Easier said than done, we know, but it makes all the difference.

There you have it – a few quick tricks to keep your Mally Leather Bag nice and organised. Check in on the blog in coming weeks and months for more expert insight into all things lifestyle- and travel related. In the meantime, remember to keep an eye on our Facebook page and Instagram profile for style inspiration, info on special offers and more.

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