Don’t listen to them. You never have to leave the house if you don’t want to.

Blog developed for Mally Leather Bags, by collaborating partner Kaleidoscope SA.
As a brand with a predominantly online presence, of course, we’d route for online shopping. Well, yes, let’s be honest, obviously , we would. But, we’ve put together this short blog to share our insights on why we believe online shopping is the way of the future. We all have days when the thought of getting out bed and facing the world seems like the most awful prospect imaginable. But, tomorrow is your friend’s birthday and it’s quite possible that she won’t talk to you for at least 2 weeks if you don’t find her the perfect present. Never fear, move the pillow and grab your phone or laptop, * click, click, click*, and you’re the best friend that ever lived. Oh, and then you can go back to sleepyville.
2. You don’t have to play ‘ Where’s Wally’.
Especially when you’re looking for a luxury, leather bag the possibilities in-store seem endless. Do you really want to walk all the way to the other side of the mall just see if you can find a similar bag for a measly R10 cheaper? When you type ‘leather bags’ into Google, in South Africa, instantaneously you’re greeted with a selection of leather bags, in different shapes, styles, sizes and prices – and, much to our delight, a number of bags from our Mally collection.
3. Happier than a kid in a candy store.
Nothing gets us quite as revved up as excellent customer service and a same-day, or at very latest, next-day delivery. As humans, we’re a bunch that’s pretty easy to please, essentially “ grant me my heart’s desire in as short a time as possible ”. While popping to the shop and grabbing what you need seems relatively easy, the truth is you’re probably going to have to circle the car park multiple times to find a space, get stuck behind someone who appears to have all the time in the world ( hurry up, we’re not all sloths ), and then stand in a line to make your purchase. Save yourself the frustration, folks, buy online.

Infographic by Invesp.

4. The data doesn’t lie.
Beyond the personal advantages of shopping online, there’s no denying that it’s a trend that’s gaining traction, globally, day-by-day. In an article titled, ‘ Global Online Retail Spending ’, by Khalid Saleh , it was revealed that online spending is “estimated to reach 8.8% of total retail spending in 2018, as compared to 7.4% in 2016. In terms of country, UK has the highest retail E-commerce sales as a %age of total retail sales (15.6%), followed by China (13.8%), Norway (11.5%), Finland (10.8%) and South Korea (10.5%).”
5. The ever-evolving South African consumer.
What does this shift in consumer behaviour suggest for South Africa, then? In an interview with Fin 24 , Rashaad Fortune, PwC associated director on retail said, “shopping via smartphone is continuing to surge in popularity. Consumers are using their smartphones to research products, compare prices, pay for purchases and check consumer reviews.” The below infographic, developed for the same article, suggests that his theory is right. While South Africans shopping online seem much more favourable of books, music and movies, fashion and footwear are hot on their heels – and we’re positively beaming at the prospect!


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