The ABCs of Packing a Mom-to-Be Hospital Bag

Having a baby soon? Congratulations! Raising children is the ultimate emotional rollercoaster and you are in for so much fun, joy, frustration, confusion, wonderment (and unsolicited advice!) in the years to come. But first, you have to go fetch that little bundle of sweet-smelling human from the hospital. Which means you need to pack a bag.

So, here are a few of our insider tips for packing a mom-to-be hospital bag in 2021:

Check in with the hospital

First things first, get on the phone and put in a call to the maternity ward at the hospital where you’ll be having your baby. They often have a list of things you need to bring, and ticking it off one at a time helps to pack the bag really quickly. This way, you’ll also have handy items to mention when someone asks if there is anything you need. Use the offer and get your bag sorted.

Don’t bother with fancy PJs

At the moment, very few people are allowed to visit the maternity ward, except the father of the baby due to COVID concerns. This is obviously not all that great, especially if there are elder siblings at home. However, it also means you won’t have to dress up for awkward hospital bed pics in the hours and days after you’ve given birth. So go for comfort and accessibility where PJs are concerned.

Choose a bag you really like

Your baby bag does not have to be a uniquely utilitarian item. It can 100% be something you love and want to show off! For instance, our leather baby backpack is extremely functional when you are out and about (and doubles as a wonderful hospital bag!), but it also looks cool. That’s a double (triple?) whammy in anyone’s book.

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