The Biggest Winter Trend in 2022

As the winter months start to approach and a cool crispness edges into the evening air, we are reminded to check in on the upcoming winter accessory trends that look to be just as cool this year.  So whether you are still working from home or slowly making your way back into the office, it’s time to renew your urge to get up and get dressed every morning.  To inspire your wardrobe this season we shriek with delight on the one apparent and unmistakable trend clear on the runway this winter, that being the reoccurrence of the popular and much loved wildlife-inspired patterns which are on the comeback in full force.   From the classic zebra print boots to the stylish tiger stripe design coats, the charm of the animal prints is a trend that never quite goes away. 

The tendency this season, however, is to opt for carrying-off one significant animal print statement piece, whether it is a coat, pants or handbag.  This alludes to an eye-catching chic-fashion display that adds colour and style to an outfit.   For those who lean more towards the toned-down tame side, they can keep their outfit uncomplicated but experiment with incorporating a daring pattern accessory like a printed scarf, belt or clutch and, sling bag which will naturally spice up an outfit with little effort.  Sometimes, the best outfits come from keeping it simple.

Animal prints are really cool and flirty and they are easily combined with various textures and layers to match your energy.  They can be dressed up or down, simple or over the top.  They will add a touch of mystery and elegance to your outfit and it’s a very easy day-to-night look.  Once you have selected your animal print item, you can build on your outfit by adding solid clothing to balance things out or other patterns to create something extra.

To enhance your fashion wardrobe this season, search for those animal print pieces that are unique and that you can continue to recycle to amp up whatever you pair it up with from your everyday sweats to those glamourous nights out.

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