The Leather Wage Against Water

Leather is a popular choice for travel bags and briefcases, not only because of its durability but also for its good looks. Check out our timeless laptop and travel bag range for some awe-inspiring classic and stylish choices. Leather is a natural material that is affected by its environment. If it gets wet, it becomes more susceptible to staining and fading. So for safeguarding and pre-treating your prized possession from any spills or splashes, we suggest you try out our excellent Leather and Fabric Sealant spray that acts as an oil and water repellent and it’s great for stain prevention. But if you’re unlucky enough to get your bag wet, the water can cause the leather to swell and become misshapen, compromising both the appearance and structure of the bag.  However, don't panic - here are three tips to help you rescue your wet leather belongings.

  1. Time is of the essence: your best chance of rescuing a wet leather bag is to act quickly. The speedier you address a wet leather bag, the better. The longer the water is left to soak in, the harder it will be to reverse the damage. So grab a soft, dry cloth or paper towel and remove as much of the water as possible by gently dabbing at it to soak up as much of the water as possible. Do not rub – this will only spread the water around and cause further damage.  
  2. Be patient: once the bag is mostly dry, let it air dry completely before using it again. Depending on the severity of the water damage, this could take a few hours, or even a day or two, for the bag to fully recover.  Avoid rushing the process by putting it near a heat source, like a heater or hairdryer, this could cause it to crack or warp. Ensure the briefcase or bag is laid out as flat as possible to avoid wrinkles. Stuffing the inside of the bag with newspaper will also help retain its original shape and will help absorb any moisture from the interior of the bag.  
  3. Apply some elbow grease: if the leather is still slightly damp or looks stained after air drying, we recommend you use one of our leather care products such as the Complete Leather Care spray or Leather Cream to give your bag that needed extra TLC. Apply sparingly to a dry cloth and rub it into the leather in a circular motion; remember a little goes a long way when it comes to leather.

And there you have it - your wet leather bag is saved!

Of course, prevention is always better than cure, so be sure to try keeping your leather bag away from water as much as possible. Leather is a valuable material, and it’s important to keep it in good condition. Remember, because leather is a natural animal porous material, it means pre-treatment will not make it truly 100% waterproof. But rest assured if an accident does happen, with a little effort, you can nurse your water-damaged leather bag back to health in no time.   

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