Which Leather Colour Will Best Suit You?

Investing in a trendy leather bag not only reflects your personality and panache, it also alludes to the practicality and purpose of the bag. Once this decision has been narrowed down, colour is the next formidable question. Fortunately the versatile colour choices from the Mally range, have already been resourcefully selected for you to make this decision effortless. Here are some astute pointers to consider:   

Going Black, you can’t go wrong. Just like that must-have chic black cocktail dress every girl needs in her closet, a black bag is another one of those must-haves. It’s an all-time classic favourite colour that just gels with any wardrobe choice for any occasion whether formal or casual.

Going Brown, this choice goes with almost any outfit and at any event. It’s a deep rich earthy tone that works for every season. It’s a traditional vintage colour yet modern and timeless in fashion trends. This colour is laid back in style and an easy fit to sharpen any outfit.      

Going Mustard, is going fun and high-end fashionable, adding a pop of hue to any tame outfit. It rocks a vibe of sassiness and is a brazen colour choice for a bag although a lot more versatile than you may think. Seemingly an unconventional bold choice, it works well in all seasons and affirms a statement at any occasion.

Going Toffee, is selecting the perfect all-rounder player. This colour is perfect for work and play. It’s a no-nonsense chic elegant choice that will complete most personas. It’s an easy assuming colour and a favourite choice for many as it is conducive to an “on-the-run” type but with sophistication and suaveness.

Going Saddle, is the perfect combination of style and practicality. It’s an incredible colour showcasing tasteful upmarket refinement. It makes a statement of self-assurance and feistiness. This colour notions up an image of confidence and poise and a great asset to any outfit and occasion.

These are the ultimate colour choices in our leather bag ranges, they cover the latest trend-setting bag fashion rages and fads. Dare we say, that there is no wrong choice as long as the choice is from Mally.

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