Why is a leather travel bag the best?

It’s time to get excited again. Borders have reopened and travel is back on the cards. Let’s celebrate and kick off your travels with a fresh new look by investing in a good-looking travel bag to join you on your journeys.  What should be your first preference over all other materials, well leather, of course!

Leather travel bags are not just incredibly durable and super stylish, they just keep evolving with stunning looks year after year.  So, there is no doubt that it’s a perfect choice for any type of traveller. Have a look at our awesome classy Philip Travel bags and trendy men’s toiletry bag while considering these tips to seal the deal:-

  1. Tougher than it looks

Leather is a natural material and has been around for centuries. The preservation process has been wonderfully perfected and a premium leather travel bag will remain pristine for decades under tough conditions.   Leather is known for its durability and resistance and it’s actually one of the most used materials for all types of bags.

  1. Light and undemanding

Looking at our Philip travel bag, the handles are designed to support a lot of weight, yet the bag itself is surprisingly lightweight and manageable.  As leather is such a comfortable and unperturbed type of material, it makes it easy to carry your luggage with you.  The leather material provides a certain level of protection for your belongings inside even if you are caught in light rain.

  1. Easy clean

Don’t be intimidated by leather. Taking care of any of our leather bags is as simple as wiping the bag’s surface with a clean cloth. Next, regularly air out the bag to prevent any moisture build-up. And finally, to keep it supple and looking its best, give it a treatment every 3 - 6 months and that’s it to keep it looking great for years to come!

  1. Lasting Style

Let’s admit, that we have always considered leather a symbol of class and sophistication. All our leather bags are timeless classic pieces that never go out of style and they have that luxurious look that makes them ideal for any occasion. The elegance and sophisticated sense of carrying a leather bag, is one thing we can all agree on.

  1. Long-Term money saving

You may hesitate when considering the investment needed for a good high-quality leather bag, but when you take into account all aspects in the long run it will actually end up costing you less because there will be no need for a replacement as this fabric cannot easily wear down.

The best part about leather is that it only gets better with age, with each bag developing its own unique patina over time that just adds to its beauty.  In addition, don’t forget that leather is a strong natural material, making it environmentally friendly too.  Considering all these positives, there is certainly no time to shilly-shally on the decision, a leather bag it is.  It’s the only way to make sure your journey is done in grandeur style and is unforgettable.   

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